About Us

Ian McLeish, founder of Rosslyn Associates

Ian McLeish, founder of Rosslyn Associates

I established Rosslyn Associates in 2002 to provide the kind of accounting and tax service that my clients had been saying they wanted. I have been a Chartered Tax Adviser for over 20 years and have spent time in the Inland Revenue in the 1980s and as a partner in a Chartered Accountancy firm in central Edinburgh.

Most accountancy firms are focussed on their own internal processes and systems. I believe that this needs to be turned on its head so that clients become the sole judge of how successful we are.

Our values are incredibly important to us. The central values are:

  • Quality: First and foremost we must always produce work which is of the highest quality. You can be sure we’ll get it right.
  • Relationship: We are in it for the long haul with our clients. We must never put our short term interest before that of our clients. Many of our clients have been with us since the early days, which is testament to our long-term approach. Your long-term goals are our focus.
  • Creativity: We must always look for creative and workable solutions for our clients. Our extensive experience in business and tax over 20 years means we have seen most situations and know what works and can apply that knowledge to new situations as they arise. We’ll find a solution to your problems – one that works for you.