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Business Development & Coaching


We’re here to make a real difference.  Delivering a high-quality, efficient compliance service is just part of that.  Helping you to develop, improve and grow your business is the next natural step.  Our Business Development offerings are practical and tangible services that create long term value for you personally and your business, so you can spend your time doing what you want.

Do you want to develop a stronger business, a productive & happy team, free up your time, and reduce stress?

Our business development services will help you build a better business, so you can spend your time and money on the things you love.

What does it involve?

We’ve found that our clients benefit most from our core three services, we call them the trifecta!


These three tools combined are the foundation on which you can build and grow your business to success.

business planning


Your business plan is the best starting point.

Our clients have told us that by developing a clear and concise business plan, they have a much better vision of where their business currently stands, where they want their business to go, and the steps which need to be taken to get there.

We believe that your business plan should be short and clear, one page is enough!

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We will guide you through the process step by step and help you identify what you want and show you how you can get it!

Whatever your business and personal goals, you will have a far better chance of reaching them with a plan in place!

As part of this service we will:

  • Review your past performance and clarify future direction
  • Review actual performance against targets
  • Produce a 90-day action plan to address immediate and critical issues
  • Design a set of business goals and defined strategies on how to achieve those goals
  • Produce an easy to understand, one-page business plan that will guide you and your team to implement your desired changes

What do you get out of it?

  • A plan of action
  • Aligned goals amongst the directors
  • Identify Gross Revenue Targets and Key Performance Indicators
  • Establish a robust accountability system
  • Identify critical challenges and opportunities in your business
  • Set priorities and a timeframe for achieving your goals
  • Identify what support and resources you need
  • Establish your business goals and vision
  • Provides a platform to develop Financial Forecasts
  • Set team members’ individual goals and targets
financial planning and monthly reporting


Once you have your business plan set, next you need to be able to measure your financial performance and prepare for any cash flowing in and out of the business.

Our financial forecasting and monthly reporting service involves us looking at your business’s current profit and deciding what changes need to be made to get the profit you would like to be making.


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Once this is done we convert it into a projection and a budget.

Using the latest financial software we can then measure your performance against your budget on a monthly basis.
We’ll produce a monthly report which shows you all the key areas in your business and how they are performing against your budget, so you’ll be able to tell if you are hitting your targets or not.

Our detailed report of your financial performance will allow you to identify the key areas in which you can make changes to improve your business. We then discuss what actions you will take to achve the goals you have set for your business.

As part of the service, we will:

  • Discuss your current situation and goals
  • Provide a monthly financial forecast and budget
  • Provide you with a detailed report of your financial performance every month
  • Help you identify why, if budgets aren’t met
  • Identify key areas for improvement
  • Have an action plan with specific actions for you to take

What will you get out of it?

  • A clear, specific set of actions and financial goals.


  • Clarity on what you need to do to achieve these goals


  • Feedback monthly as to how “on track” you are so that any steps to keep you on track can be taken early.



Once you have a business plan and financial forecasting in place, you’re off to a great start!

But how do you keep the momentum going?

Your business plan and financial forecast need to be kept alive, not placed to the side and forgotten about.

That’s where our accountability coaching service comes in.


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We provide both monthly and quarterly coaching, depending on your business, goals, and how you like to work.

Our monthly coaching service includes:

  • Monthly meetings with a senior team member
  • Prior to each session, you’ll complete simple pre-work which will influence the focus of each session
  • Helping to review your results and identify opportunities
  • Clarification on areas for improvement
  • Discussion on how to overcome any obstacles you’re facing
  • Regular dedicated time to make better business decisions, utilise knowledge and support from your coach

What will you get out of it?


  • Accountability to achieve your desired results


  • Be able to identify and resolve your burning issues


  • Gain an understanding of the key drivers within your business


  • An understanding of the impact of ideas prior to implementing them


  • Access to an impartial coach to filter ideas and improve decision-making


  • Increased efficiency, profitability and cashflow


  • Improved leadership and management


If you’d like to improve your business and would like to get a better picture of how we can help, book a meeting to find out more!

We offer a complimentary, no-obligation, one-hour business meeting (worth £250) where we will explore your business situation and goals and find out how we can help.

All you need to do is book short phone call with us so we can get a picture of your business and if the meeting is suited to you, then we will book you in for a one-hour complimentary meeting from there.

We’ll send you some pre-work before the one-hour meeting to ensure you get as much value from it as possible!

Business Development Services

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