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Why Choose Us


Our relationship with you

At Rosslyn Associates, our relationship with you is what matters to us. By taking the time to get to know you and your business, it puts us in a great position to give tailored advice. Not only is having a long-lasting relationship of benefit to the growth of your business, it also makes working with your accountant enjoyable. No more boring meetings with your accountant. Instead a discussion with someone who truly listens to your needs and provides sound advice based on what you really want – whether that means more time, more money or to grow a business based on doing what you love

Team relationship

Not only do our relationships with our clients matter, we also take pride in having a team that works well together. We take a lot of care choosing team members whose personalities fit in with our values. This creates a relaxed and open environment where we help and understand each other and our clients, resulting in an efficient and happy team.


At Rosslyn Associates, we have expertise in tax, accounting and business coaching. Having these skills enables us to give high quality service and advice to allow you to grow your business, comply with HMRC regulations and make sure you never pay more tax than you should. For instance, our company director, Ian McLeish has over 30 years of tax experience, giving him the skills to provide high level, specialist tax planning for many unique and complex cases.

Although our wide range of skills in the accounting, tax and business planning are extremely important to our work, we also emphasise how important relationships with each other and our clients are. We take pride in our communication skills. Our team has experience in counselling and NLP which enhances our interpersonal skills and enables us to build strong relationships with our clients, meaning they feel listened to and able to communicate to us what they really want for their business, so we can help them achieve that



We believe that by being up to date with the newest accounting technology, you can really get the most out of your business. We have teamed up with FreeAgent and Xero to offer cloud accounting to our clients. Cloud accounting software gives you instant access to your financial information from anywhere, at any time and it’s all online. We offer training for Xero and FreeAgent to ensure you know what you are doing and feel confident about making the switch to cloud accounting.

We also use advanced business planning software which takes the data from your up to date cloud accounting software and helps us create projections for the future and identify your businesses key financial drivers. That way we can work together to reach your goals.

We truly believe that the world of accounting and business is changing, and technology is playing a huge role in these changes. We encourage all of our clients to embrace technological change, so that with our help and support your business can be taken to new levels.


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