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The fourth way to grow your business – Increase transaction frequency

The fourth way to grow your business is to entice your customers to buy from you more often. Remember, it’s easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new one.

Many of the strategies to increase transaction frequency are simply best practice in business. However, you must have a written system and train your team or it just won’t happen!

Here are just a few ways to get your customers to do business with you more often:

1. Make it easier for customers to do repeat business.

If you provide a service, send text reminders prior to the appointment and book in the next session before the customer leaves. This is sometimes referred to as BAMFAM (Book A Meeting From A Meeting). It works. You could also offer a free trial of new products or give customers multiple purchase discount cards.

2. Upskill your team.

Implement an after sales follow up process and make sure your sales team are asking for the repeat sale.

3. Educate your customers.

Run VIP customer events or host information nights and new product launches.

4. Bring forward a need for your product or service.

Run limited time offers, closed door sales for VIPs, or product of the week promotions.

5. Be strategic with your service contracts.

Manage renewals and repeats carefully through automatic roll over options.

6. Build rapport with customers.

Know the names of your customers and record their preferences in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Send promotional gifts and free samples and make sure your VIP customers are recognised through loyalty events and VIP cards.

There are so many ways to get your customers to buy from you more often. The trick is to pick a small number of strategies you believe will work best for your business and execute them well.

Talk to us about your plans to grow your business. We can help you distil your goals and ideas into a concise, simple plan that will keep you focused on what’s important.

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