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Core Values

Discover your business’s core values

Having a clear set of values is essential in order to run a good business. Your values help shape every element of your business such as recruitment, marketing and how you operate. Once your business’s values are clear, everyone involved will know what to prioritise, and making decisions becomes a lot easier. Having a clear set of values increases the likelihood of attracting potential employees and clients that fit into your culture.

What’s important?

Once you have discovered your business’s values, you can use them to guide you in everything you do. At Rosslyn Associates, we took some time to discover what is important to us as a business. The whole team took part in workshops where we explored what really mattered to us as a team and what Rosslyn Associates means. We defined our core values as: Relationships, quality, learning, creativity and fun. Everyone in the team aligns with these core values and we use them in all the work we do. Because we are clear about what is important, we know what to prioritise in any situation.

Discovering your vision

Discovering your values helps you to define your vision. When Rosslyn Associates explored ideas to unearth our core values and draw a clear vision, we asked ourselves- “When Rosslyn Associates is functioning at its best what would it be like?”. We looked at this question from different levels starting with the easier more concrete things, like what would the environment be like, then moving on step by step to the more difficult and abstract like our identity and purpose. Exploring thoughts, ideas and feelings this way really helps identify what’s important to the business and the people within it. This helped us create a really clear picture of who we are and what we stand for.

Business coaching

We provide a bespoke business coaching service and one of the things we do is help our clients unearth and develop their values. This process involves exploring what everyone feels is important and how that would translate into reality- what your values look like in real life.

Our highest level of business coaching service offers one to one sessions with Rosslyn Associates’ director, Ian McLeish, who will help you unearth your business’s core values, which will enable you to have a strong culture within your business. Knowing your values will ensure you have the right people who really “get” your business and what it stands for, and will help guide everyone involved. Having a great culture and identity within your business doesn’t just mean a pleasant place to work, you will also see the impact on the bottom line, as your business grows and flourishes. If you would like to discuss how we can help you discover your business’s values, and further grow your business the way you want to, get in touch. Call the office on 0131 445 1825 or email and we will be happy to chat about how we can work together.


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