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Woman Socialising With Colleagues Via Video Call On Laptop

Virtual team social ideas to stay connected

Having a great team is important in order to run a successful business. If you want your team to provide a great service, it’s important you ensure they feel valued in their job. Frequent communication is key to building a great team culture and to ensure everyone understands and buys into the business’s values. You may be continuing to have meetings with your team via video call, but what about social events? A great way to keep your team’s spirits up and enforce a positive team culture at a time where people may be feeling disconnected and lost, is to socialise together. Of course, right now that is difficult, but with entertainment businesses having to adapt and come up with new ideas, there are some fun ways you can have a team social event from the comfort of your own home. Here are some virtual team social ideas:

Virtual Escape Rooms

Last year the Rosslyn Associates team had great fun completing an escape room together during one of our team days. It encouraged us to think creatively and really showed us how well we work together. Escape Rooms are a common team building exercise, but with the current lockdown, we obviously can’t visit them in person. Luckily, some escape room businesses have gotten creative and have introduced online escape rooms you can complete with your team. Here’s one we found: As well as being a great way of keeping your team together, it’s also a great example of how it is possible to adapt your business, which you may have thought had no way of keeping going, to provide a new service which can continue to generate cash.

Online Quizzes

Take it in turns to host a quiz! This is a really popular way of socialising at the moment for families and friends, but why not try it out with your team? You can take turns to create a fortnightly/monthly quiz or why not create teams and take part in a live quiz? Popular Edinburgh pub quiz hosts Gooses’ Quizzes have adapted their business to host a new online pub quiz every night at 7pm. Find out more here – The quizzes are free, but you can help them out by leaving them an online donation.

Game shows

Similar to the pub quiz idea, you can host a game show for your team. Get creative with different rounds like a “Pictionary” style drawing round where everyone has to guess the drawing, an “Articulate” round, where someone has to describe a word without saying it. Other rounds could include things like a scavenger hunt, where each person has to find specific objects such as: “Something you can write with” – the more unique the more points! Or why not add in a game of virtual charades? There are endless things you can do, get creative and have fun with your team.

Have a beer/cup of tea and a chat

Simply spend some time together via Zoom, or whatever your chosen video call platform, to talk about something other than work. Tell each other some good news, show each other personal projects you’ve been working on, or share the latest books you’ve been reading. Let each other know how you are doing and that you are there to support one another.

There are so many ways you can continue to socialise during lockdown, so get creative. However you decide to keep your team connected during this difficult time, make sure you make them know they are valued and that you care. It’s easy for everyone to drift apart and forget what being in a team is like, but its also possible to avoid that. Keep your team interacting, make sure your values are shared, and keep momentum going! If you need any help or support during these challenging times, just get in touch. We are here to support you and your business however we can. You can call or email your Client Manager, or email any questions to

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